Monday, February 5, 2007

2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Has Arrived

This year has been our first official foray at Fashion Week, Instead of a blow by blow of each an every fabulous pre-party, show, party, after-party, and after-after-party (you get the picture), we will give our fellow Casa Naranja members a condescended report upon returning from the final show and fiesta. But we absolutely must share a small tidbit....

Diane Von Furstenberg is unveiling a Latin themed Fall collection (yes -- Fall -- plan ahead girls!!). "La Movida!" ("Look ahead…and don’t turn back…") is energetic, upbeat, and truly captures the sophisticated and fun Latina vibe that we are all about. While the collection did include some skirts with blouses and jackets, the majority of the 44 pieces were dresses, most of them short. She showed shift dresses, little black dresses, boldly patterned dresses, printed dresses, cocktail dresses, dresses and cardigans, dresses and coats, flapper dresses, flamenco dance dresses and more. La Movida was a stunning testament to the versatility and vitality of the dress.

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